Design Process

Step 1: Consultation

Our design process begins with a personalised consultation where we delve into your vision, preferences, and aspirations for your outdoor space. During this initial meeting, our expert designers take the time to understand you, your aesthetic sensibilities, and your practical needs. We explore your garden’s potential, discuss any existing challenges or opportunities, and establish clear objectives for the project. Whether you seek a tranquil retreat, a vibrant social hub, or a functional outdoor oasis, our goal is to uncover the essence of your dream garden and lay the foundation for a transformative journey.


Step 2: Concept Design

With insights gathered from the consultation, our talented designers set pen to paper to craft bespoke hand-drawn concept designs that breathe life into your vision. Using their artistic expertise and horticultural knowledge, they sketch intricate layouts, captivating focal points, and enchanting details that reflect your personality and preferences. These initial drawings serve as the creative blueprint for your garden, capturing the essence of our collaborative vision and setting the stage for the design’s evolution.

Step 3: 2D Overlay

Building upon the hand-drawn concepts, we transition into the next phase of the design process: the 2D overlay. Here, our designers meticulously integrate structural elements, landscaping features, and functional considerations to refine the design’s layout and flow. Using advanced digital tools and precise measurements, we overlay existing site conditions to optimize space utilisation and ensure seamless integration of the proposed elements. This detailed planning stage allows us to fine-tune the design and provide a clear roadmap for the project’s implementation, laying the groundwork for a harmonious and cohesive garden transformation.


Step 4: 3D Render

As the design takes shape, we invite you to step into your future garden through immersive 3D renders that bring the vision to life. Using cutting-edge technology, our designers create realistic visualizations that showcase every angle, texture, and detail of the proposed design. From panoramic views that capture the garden’s overall ambiance to close-up renderings that highlight specific features, these lifelike images provide a captivating preview of your garden’s transformation. With the ability to explore and refine the design in virtual reality, you can confidently envision the beauty and functionality of your new outdoor sanctuary before a single plant is planted.

Step 5: Planting Guidance

Completing the design process, we’ll provide personalised guidance to infuse your garden with colour, texture, and seasonal interest. Drawing upon our expertise in horticulture and ecological design, we can select from a diverse palette of plants that thrive in your climate, soil conditions, and aesthetic preferences. We’ll invite you to visit our trusted suppliers to compile your ideal plant list, ready for planting in your beautiful new garden.


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